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Antelope Point Open: Winter Season Update

November 20
15:12 2013

The National Park Service Superintendent for Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and Rainbow Bridge National Monument, Todd Brindle, has confirmed that even though the parking lot gate is closed at the Antelope Point public launch site for the late fall and winter season, the Antelope Point Marina area is still open and the public may still access Lake Powell for fall and winter recreation opportunities.

Valet Ramp and Restaurant: Winter Season Update for 2013-14

Karlyn Bunting, Marketing Director at The Antelope Point Marina confirmed that the Marina remains open, the valet ramp is always open year around during normal business hours, and the Ja’di’ To’oh restaurant is operating with weekend winter hours from 11-8pm, Friday through Sunday.

Public Launch Ramp: Winter Season Update for 2013-14

Antelope Point Launch Ramp GateThe public launch ramp parking lot gates were recently closed when the Antelope public launch ramp was shut down for the season, but Brindle confirms that the gates are not closed as a deterrent to lake access. Brindle said the gates are closed for budgetary concerns and as a deterrent to vandals. While the gates are closed, the restrooms are still open and the area is open to pedestrian traffic to get to the lake.

Also, while Brindle would not comment on any ongoing investigations, he confirmed that and the National Park Service officials have also been working on “standardizing business practices” with the Navajo Nation and Antelope Point. He said that while no one is being targeted, as irregularities are found, the National Park Service is following up on taking the necessary corrective actions, again he notes, as an effort to standardize business dealings between the park and it’s vendors and associates.

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