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Aftermath; Sad Devastation in Page

Aftermath; Sad Devastation in Page
October 20
07:49 2019

A home destroyed

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The dozens and dozens of people who watched the Page Firefighters do their job were in shock. Many people’s mouths were being covered by a hand in disbelief. Children were running around and watching the activity, too. One five or six-year-old child four houses away from the fire was heard to ask her father, “Will our house burn down, daddy?”

No, it was not an ordinary day in Page America. The smoke could be seen for miles and miles. Up close, the devastation took center stage to those who watched. Animals from the homes were shrouded in blankets for protection from the smoke. They were being taken to a safe place by a woman who cared.

Older folks at the scene were also reacting to the heavy smoke all around. There was a lot of bending over and coughing going on. The smoke was thick.

Now it’s time for an investigation. As of 7:30 Sunday morning, nothing official had been released to the media, but that’s to be expected. It was too soon.

Water and energy snacks for the firefighters

We do know three homes were destroyed. Three families were displaced. It did not appear that anyone suffered serious injury. We know it was a horrible day for the victims and also for the brave firefighters from Page and Big Water who made one huge professional effort to get the fire out and keep it from spreading to some very nearby homes.

The fire was finally declared “out” at 3:16 P.M. But firefighters hung around the scene for hours after,

watching for flare-ups. There were still personnel watching over the scene overnight and Sunday morning as the sun came up.



Aftermath; Sad Devastation in Page - overview

Summary: Clean-up and investigation started in Page, Arizona after three homes burned down.


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