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ACLU Files Lawsuit Over Arizona Anti-Israel Boycotting Law

ACLU Files Lawsuit Over Arizona Anti-Israel Boycotting Law
December 07
15:05 2017

The Attorney General has yet to respond to a federal lawsuit filed by the ACLU today arguing that a law in Arizona requiring state contractors to certify they wont boycott Israel violates the 1st Amendment of the Constitution. The group filed on behalf of Sedona attorney Mikkel Jordahl who has been contracted by the federal government to provide legal counsel to Coconino County Jail inmates for the past twelve years. The rule requires the attorney to sign a statement promising his firm will not boycott Israel in order to have his contract with the county renewed.

The lawsuit indicates that Jordahl boycotts businesses that support Israel’s treatment of Palestine and that the Arizona law, enacted in March 2016, violates his free speech rights


ACLU Legal Director Kathy Brody’s states that political boycotts are a legitimate form of non violent protest and they are protected by the first amendment.

Read the ACLU complaint here.

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