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Aaron Kellar Leaves Lake Powell Communications

Aaron Kellar Leaves Lake Powell Communications
March 08
09:49 2016
8,000 Feet Up in a Balloon

8,000 Feet Up in a Balloon

I’ve been a news writer, a photographer, a reporter, a producer, and an on air talent.  This job has given me experience that I can take anywhere. And that’s just it, it was more than just a job it was an experience.  And what an experience it was!  I started working here on my birthday in 2014 after I just moved from Ohio a month before.  It was kind of like a present to myself.

My first day at Lake Powell Communications, I met Becca and Mike.  Becca is the happiest person anyone could ever meet and has been a joy to work with. And that’s an understatement.

Near my second week, Mike began mentoring me in news.  This was the most amazing and rewarding opportunity I had.  I never even thought about writing news prior to getting hired.  But with Mike’s teaching’s I learned to love it.  I got to meet people and form relationships with people I never would have met otherwise.  I would hear sirens and speed off with a scanner, camera, and recorder in hand.  Thrilling!

One month ago I had a 20 minute one on one interview with the Vice President of the Navajo Nation, Jonathan Nez.   I’ve met with the Coconino County Board of Supervisors, and talked with City Council about every 2 weeks until Josh moved here.  I really appreciated the relationship I had with the City.

I also got to take part in some pretty amazing events.

At the balloon regatta last year, I helped a balloon crew set up their balloon, and they invited me to take a ride.  WHAT A VIEW WHEN WE GOT UP THERE! It just confirmed my suspicions that Page is so gorgeous from every angle you look at it.

I’ve also seen and wrote about heartbreaking local events.  But in that, I have seen a community come together to be there for one another.  That was perhaps the most beautiful thing of all.

I would meet with the police department on an almost weekly basis to get information on current crime stories and I established a great relationship with many of the officers, including, Lieutenant Larry Jones, Lieutenant Tim Lange,  Lieutenant Bret Axlund, Officer Cody Cruze, Police Chief Frank Balkcom, and many others just to name a few.

Chief Balkcom was actually the man who helped me find a balloon crew to help, that day I went up in a balloon.  For that I am eternally grateful.

But enough about me, let’s talk about what made me stay so long.  The team at Lake Powell Communications.  Mike a veteran news writer, Josh my immediate news director, Becca, our program director, Haley, our Billing and Traffic Coordinator, David French, we call him Frenchie, he’s one of our brilliant minds behind sales.  And of course Janet, the station owner and the other brilliant mind on the sales team.  And I have never seen a boss care so much about and show appreciation for her employees.

Thank you Janet.

I was never good at goodbye’s.  Whether it was goodbye to my parents, or goodbye to a job, this is the first time I am saying goodbye to an experience.

Thank you for everything, Lake Powell Communications, and thank you for everything, Page, America.

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