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A Terrible Loss on the Lake, and then, ‘Thank You’

A Terrible Loss on the Lake, and then, ‘Thank You’
September 18
08:41 2019

Lance Argyle

Lance’s Parents Say ‘Thank You, Page’

On Friday, August 16 the community of Page lost 15-year old Lance Argyle. The Page High School student was at Wahweap Swim Beach on Lake Powell with classmates, adults and staff members. But Lance didn’t get to go home. He drowned on that sad and never-to-be-forgotten day.

Lance’s parents, dad Bert Argyle, and stepmom, Shannon Polcyn, were absolutely crushed to lose this fun-loving and happy young man. A couple of weeks ago the two of them spoke about their son’s passing on the radio at Lake Powell Communications.

Their message to Page and the surrounding areas was simply, “Thank you.”

Bert and Shannon were simply astounded by the outpouring of love and concern they received in the days and weeks following Lance’s passing. They just wanted to tell you that deep within their hearts they are so grateful for your being there for them at their darkest hour.

“I was just overwhelmed by all the love and support from the entire community,” said Lance’s dad. “It was just really surprising to me that this community cares so much.’

Both he and Shannon agreed that the support they received really helped them in dealing with the loss of Lance.

“It let our family know that people really do care,” Bert added.

Within days of the tragedy, the students at Page High School put together a spaghetti dinner in Lance’s honor, where every penny raised went toward services for Lance. Their beautiful flyer for the dinner said, “Help us come together to support our community in their time of need.”

“It was just great to have the community behind us,” said Shannon. “The way the student council put that spaghetti dinner together so quickly was just amazing. The students are great kids.”

Shannon and Bert

The Medical Examiner’s report on Lance’s death has not been completed, but his parents know that he died peacefully and didn’t suffer.

In tears, Bert described his son as a super fun kid.

“He was silly. He had a lot of love. He loved his family and friends,” he said. “He was truly a fun kid to be around. He was quiet, but he had a lot of funny one-liners that were just great. He also had a kind of dark sense of humor, too.”

Bert and Shannon have put together a photo album of Lance for Lance’s best friend, his 3-year old brother, Thomas. Their wish is that Thomas will grow up remembering his brother.

“So we talk to Thomas all the time about Lance and show him pictures,” said Bert. “He’ll get up on the hearth and touch’s Lance’s urn, and he knows that it’s Lance.”

Finally we asked Bert to reiterate his appreciation for the reaction to Lance’s passing.

“I definitely want to thank the school and the staff that was there that day,” he said. “I know there was a group of them in the water, and another outside the water keeping the kids safe. I know it’s heartbreaking, what happened, but I’m glad it was only us that day to have to go through this.”

Shannon added a good thought, as we finished our conversation.

“We don’t want anybody afraid to go to the lake because of this.”

Mr. Argyle told us that he always thought the phrase, “Page America,” was rather funny and he never understood it.

“But today I do because this whole town is a home.”

A Terrible Loss on the Lake, and then, ‘Thank You’ - overview

Summary: The parents of 15-year old Lance Argyle wanted to thank the community of Page for their outpouring of love following the death of their son, Lance Argyle.


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