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A Subsidy Plan from NGS Employees

A Subsidy Plan from NGS Employees
April 04
11:29 2017

Subsidizing coal, as a way to save the Navajo Generating Station, is on the minds of many around the Navajo Nation, the Hopi Reservation, the Page area and the entire state of Arizona. Two NGS employees have stepped forward with their idea of how it could work.

Erwin Marks and Jerry Williams looked back at other industries that have been helped through subsidization. In the past the auto industry and railroads have been helped through being subsidized. Marks and Williams believe that if it worked in the past, it can work once again.

The two men have introduced their detailed version of how it could work.

In talking to Lake Powell Communications, Marks said the subsidy of coal would be only temporary. The belief is that the price of natural gas has to go up eventually. In addition, the fear is that if the coal industry dies, then we will really see the price of natural gas go up, and perhaps up and up and up.

Competition in any industry or business keeps prices down.

There hasn’t been any word yet on how, or even if, the Trump Administration is going to help the coal industry, as promised.

Any talks of subsidy or anything else dealing with coal, will have to go through Peabody Energy. The Missouri company owns the Kayenta Mine where NGS gets its coal. And has been well publicized, Peabody has some serious financial issues going on, aside from the possible closure of NGS.

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