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A Note About a Goat

A Note About a Goat
September 28
10:14 2022

By: John Christian Hopkins

How much would you pay for a goat?

Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez defended paying $37,000 for one goat. He bought four others for $70,000 – or roughly $17,500 per goat. The total for the goats was $107,000.

Were they purchased using Navajo government funds during the 70th Navajo Nation Fair held in Window Rock?

There was no vote, and Nez didn’t gloat, but what was the reason for buying the goat?

Nez reportedly said the nation has a long history of supporting its youth through 4-H programs and livestock shows, according to the Gallup Independent. The money from such shows is re-invested in buying more livestock or to cover tuition and school-related costs, the president added.

So what was special about these goats?

Did they look like Elon Musk, or come with tamales in a husk? Would they make Sam I Am finally eat green eggs and spam?

Council Delegate Eugenia Charles-Newton has some questions, as do several people who posted on social media. The brouhaha isn’t a laughing matter and is being dubbed “Sheepgate” online.

This begs the question: Is President Nez a hero or a goat?

The situation even gets murkier. The news about the goats was first posted in the tribe’s 4-H page – but was subsequently deleted.

And the Office of the President and Vice President issued no press release on the matter.

There also seems to be a question as to where the goats are now.

(Featured Photo is a free use image by Peter Dargatz from Pixabay)

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