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A Near-Tragedy on the Lake; a Packed Boat Overturns

A Near-Tragedy on the Lake; a Packed Boat Overturns
May 31
06:30 2021

 Everyone’s OK!

When the wind kicked-up Sunday, so did trouble!

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Law enforcement on hand Sunday

Sunday on Memorial Day Weekend seemed perfect for boating and just being outside. But some time after three in the afternoon, the wind kicked-in hard and was very likely the cause when a boat with fifteen people on board tipped over into Lake Powell. Some of those on board were young children.

It happened about a half mile to a mile southeast of the Wahweap Launch Ramp.

The ramp was closed to incoming and outgoing boats as law enforcement arrived on scene. Represented at the water’s edge was the National Park Service, the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office, the Page City Police, and an ambulance from Big Water Fire & Rescue.

On stand-by

In all, there were four ambulances on stand-by at the water, which left bystanders very much ill at ease.

Happily, shortly before 4:30, a law enforcement officer walking off the pier, said to another, “Everyone’s accounted for!”

Those who had been on the boat when it capsized were in tears and there were hugs all around with the happy news.

We are awaiting a National Park Service report on how many of those on board were wearing life jackets. Additionally, it was reported the NPS will check the maximum capacity of that particular boat.

The waiting

Meanwhile, while all this was going on, and with the launch ramp closed, the line of vehicles with boats and trailers, or just trailers, on their way to retrieve their boat, grew to an unimaginable length. They were lined-up as far as the eye could see, extending well away from the Lake

Powell Resort entrance.

A Near-Tragedy on the Lake; a Packed Boat Overturns - overview

Summary: A Near-Tragedy on Lake Powell; a Packed Boat Overturns


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