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A Man With Many Titles; Mike Bryan

A Man With Many Titles; Mike Bryan
September 12
10:28 2017

 You can call him Doctor Bryan, Counselor Bryan, Coach Bryan; you name it!

He grew-up in Page, graduated Page High School and went on to Brigham Young University and Doane University. Today he is a counselor at Page H.S. and he is also going on five years as a member of Page City Council.

He is Page native son, Mike Bryan.

Asked if we should call him “Doctor,” Bryan said, “You can call me doctor, or you could call me anything but late for dinner; I’m never that.”

His term on council would end with next year’s election, unless he decides to run again, which is possible. He has yet to make a decision.

As a council member, there have been occasions when Bryan has had to deal with unhappy constituents. But he says he understands. In fact, he believes that in most cases there’s word on the street saying one thing, when in reality, it’s simply miscommunication.

“Generally, the people of Page are kind and considerate,” said the Mr. Bryan. “But there’s times when they get frustrated, or they get some misinformation. Generally that’s been the case, where misinformation is out there and people jump to conclusions. And I understand that. People are working and they don’t have the time to study every issue that comes before council.”

He added that council doesn’t make decisions on knee-jerk reactions; it takes time and it takes thought. But sometimes people have knee-jerk reactions, and he says he understands that, too.

At the last City Council meeting there was a public hearing on the “dark sky” issue. Going into the hearing there had been a lot of talk from both sides. Sarah Stannard, the Dark Skies Program Coordinator for the National Park Service here, wasn’t the only one expecting “fireworks;” many people were. And council chambers were packed that night.

But the fireworks didn’t happen. Mr. Bryan thinks he knows why.

“There were a few people geared-up for a battle, but I think cooler heads and the common sense folks had their voices heard, and I liked that” he said. “Generally, the public was saying, ‘Look, we don’t want extreme measures put in place.’ I think the people who were against it or upset, are folks that are kind of like me; they don’t like the government reaching into their lives and being intrusive. I don’t like government being intrusive in my life and telling me what I can and cannot do.”

But as Counselor Bryan pointed out to us, a medium ground was found. And as Stannard said to Lake Powell Communications following that meeting, “Compromise is what being a community is all about.”

Bryan thinks Page will eventually be a dark sky community, but that it won’t be an over “night” process.

With the apparent shutdown of the Navajo Generating Station in the city of Page’s future, we turned to that topic with Mr. Bryan. He told us Page has to look toward tourism as its economic engine.

“If we can take a few measures that aren’t harmful to the community as a whole, that increases that tourism engine, then we want to look at that and seriously pursue it,” he said.

This past Monday (9/11) Mike Bryan was the MC at the city’s salute to the 9/11 day of remembrance and service. He said he had spent his day helping others, and that he found it to be fun.

At Monday’s event he rhetorically asked, “How much effort does it take to help somebody.”

Aside from his work at the school, his work on council and life with his family, Mike Bryan also wears the hat of “Coach Bryan.” For five years he has been the head golf coach at Page High School.

So is golf his favorite sport? No; it’s football.

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