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A little less conversation, a lot more action

A little less conversation, a lot more action
February 26
16:58 2015

Page MapBy Aaron Kellar

Page City Council convened for their regular meeting Wednesday night (February 25th), to discuss a few topics, most of which were unanimously agreed upon and approved immediately.

The topics discussed included: A Tourism Board report, a taxiway for the Page Airport, a new member of the Airport Board, and talks with Page Utilities Enterprises about fiber connectivity and a bid award.

The meeting yielded little discussion at first, as Council moved through numerous agenda items within just a few short minutes, but soon slowed the pace with an executive session that lasted a significant portion of the night.

Council started off by approving the renewal of the General Liability Insurance for the city of Page, and moved on to discuss an agenda item from the previous meeting.

With the results of the last Council meeting, the Page Airport taxiway was back on the agenda awaiting authorization for certain services, in order to begin designing it, and making electrical upgrades to it.

City Council quickly approved the authorization of services for the taxiway, with little discussion, and moved on to a bid award for Page Utilities Enterprises.

General Manager of Page Utilities Enterprises, Bryan Hill took the stand to present a plan for a future waterline project.  He had brought a color-coded map that showed all the progress that had been made, is being made, and will be made in the future in Page, in regards to waterline replacement.

Most of the map was covered in blue, showing all the areas that been completed between 2009 and 2014.

There were only a few main areas in red, which showed what still needed to be completed between 2015 and 2017.

The areas highlighted in red were:

Date St. (2nd to Gum) and Gum (Date to Elm) Tie-ins at 3rd and 4thdated for 2015

The alley behind True Value dated for 2016

Public Works Block dated for 2016 and 2017

Vista Ave. (south) dated for 2017


Date St. (3rd to 2nd) and 2nd Ave. was also displayed in green, showing the only current area being worked on.

After Hill’s presentation, City Council then voted unanimously, with no discussion, to award a bid to Page Utilities Enterprises.

Council then moved onto a State Legislative Update, presented by Mayor Bill Diak, who was very outspoken about a bill he presented at the last meeting.

The bill, which would eliminate all rental tax for residential lots, had been amended to exclude rural cities for 6 years if it was passed.

Mayor Diak, who was strongly opposed to the bill, due to it removing a sizable chunk of funding for the city, had hoped to check the status of it before the meeting, but internet service was not available.

After the brief State Legislative Update, Council then began hearing reports from Board Liaisons.

Councilor Michael Bryan presented an update on the Tourism Board, stating, “web traffic increased exponentially, and tourism remains strong.”

The Tourism Board is currently seeking a way to bring back Native American Dancing to the amphitheatre as a way to attract more people.

After the report by Councilor Bryan, Council swiftly appointed James Hunt to the Airport Board, with a term ending in 2016, and ended the meeting by directing Page Utilities Enterprises to meet in executive session with them, during which the decision was reached for the city attorney to continue contract negotiations.

Page City Council will convene again on Wednesday, March 11th at 6:30pm.

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