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A Jubilee in Tohajiilee

A Jubilee in Tohajiilee
December 27
07:04 2018

Tim Monte lives on the Navajo Nation, he awoke one day with a new sensation. He took out his ticket and checked to see if Christmas was coming to Tohajiilee. The Mega Millions drawing had smiled at him – for $40,000, according to Tim.

He jumped in his ride went to the lottery HQ and asked for the money he thought he was due. Tim Monte expected to receive 40K, but he had made a mistake on that December day. The ticket Tim held in the palm of his hand was worth so much more than a mere 40-grand!

He matched five numbers and with the multiplier his total winnings were so much higher. Four million dollars was what he had won, for a Christmas story second to none. With $4 million, and maybe some change, Tim Monte returned to his home on the range.

Now Lucky Tim from Tohajiilee aid he plans to help all his family. Kinfolk will be comin’ round by the dozen, starting with me – his long-lost cousin!

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