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A Hildale Home May Become a Museum

A Hildale Home May Become a Museum
May 10
10:51 2017


Warren Jeffs is likely not happy about it, but his home in Short Creek may soon become a museum. One of his more than seventy wives, Brielle Decker, who escaped from the FLDS a few years ago, is attempting to purchase the house and has big plans for her former home.

Warren Jeffs was (or is, depending on who you talk to) the prophet, or leader, of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (FLDS). But after a conviction for having sex with a girl of 12 (another one of his wives) he was sent to prison for life in Texas.

Brielle was apparently forced to marry Warren Jeffs against her will when she was 18. Now she’s now in her early 30s and wants to transform the house into a museum, and also as a home for those who have left the cult. At the time of the wedding, she became Jeffs’ 65th wife. He eventually had close to eighty.

Reports indicate the home has 41 bedrooms, a prayer room, a couple of industrial-sized kitchens and much more. It sits in Hildale, Utah, which, along with twin town Colorado City, Arizona, is often referred to as Short Creek.

Decker reportedly believes that with its proximity to the national parks of Utah, not to mention the Grand Canyon, the home has a lot of potential to create a lot interest.

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