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Sand Devils’ Basketball Boys and Girls To Host State Games This Weekend

Sand Devils’ Basketball Boys and Girls To Host State Games This Weekend
February 14
23:20 2020

Front of a residence on Highway 98

Saturday Night February 15, 2020

Chinle, Az……One thing that can be said about following the Page High School basketball teams as a reporter this season; you never have to make excuses. The girls and boys teams are talented,well-coached and most always, disciplined on the court.

Saturday night in Chinle was another twofold example of just how good these two teams are!

The Girls:

Page 42 Ganado 31


The Boys:

Page 53 Chinle 45

With these two victories the Sand Devils girls and boys both came away from Chinle as the Champions of the 3-A North Regional Basketball Tournament. Plus, this is such a great way to head into the State Tournament!

The Lady Sand Devils were led by First Team All-Region player, Torrance Begay’s whopping twenty points.

Other leaders Saturday night, and all season, were the Regions’s Offensive Player of the Year Miquedah Taliman, and the winner of the Region’s Sportsmanship Award, Ashlyn Adakai.

It’s been a really good season for Coach Ryan Whitehorse’s girls. In fact, on Saturday night, Coach Whitehorse was named the co-Coach of the Year in the Region!

While the ladies led throughout their game Saturday, the boys had a tougher time of it. In fact, the guys lost the lead for the first time with only 6:13 left in the game. But with a couple of friendly reminders to his players during timeouts from Coach Justin Smith, they settled down enough to walk away with a precious victory.

Offensive Player of the Year in the Region, Stuart Sandall, led the Sand Devils with 21-points.

Coach Smith was named the Region’s boys’ Coach of the Year after the game. But he told Lake Powell Communications after the game that he doesn’t think about such things.

“Really, I just wanted my boys to get recognized,” said Coach Smith. “But really, it feels better than the ones I’ve gotten in the past because the AD’s vote on this, so that’s kind of humbling. But I want the boys to get get recognized; they’re the ones who do the work.”

Coach Smith told us that close games, very much like Saturday’s win, are more rewarding in the end, “…if you play well.”

The Beautiful gym at Chinle High School was rockin’ all night. But it will be rockin’ even more this Friday and Saturday at the beautiful Page High School gym!

It’s State Playoff time, and round one for the Sand Devils will mean a precious home game for both the girls and the boys!

Friday 7 P.M. The girls will play round-1 at Page High School.

Saturday 7 P.M. the boys will play round-1 at Page High School.


Their opponents had not yet been announced when we publish this story.




Friday Night February 14, 2030……Talk about a pivotal moment during the life of a high school basketball season. Friday night at the 3-A North Regional Basketball Tournament in Chinle, was perhaps it!

The Girls:

Page 43 Chinle 33


The Boys

Page 65 Window Rock 40


You could tell that the Lady Sand Devils of Coach Ryan Whitehorse had the game in hand right away. After one quarter, the girls had a modest lead of 14-10. But unlike a few other games, that was as close as their opponents got.

End 2nd Qt: Page 27 Chinle 17

End 3rd Qt: Page 33 Chinle 24.

End of game: Page 43=33.

The girls were led unofficially by Torrance Begay’s 12=points.

Emma Yazzie had 8 points.

And Miquedah Taliman and Camryn Nockideneh had 6 points each


Coach Justin Smith’s boys’ team had had an outstanding season by anyone’s measure. However, they had lost to the Fighting Scouts in Window Rock just a few weeks ago on a last second shot.

And while it was somewhat close at the beginning Saturday, Coach Smith’s guys kept control throughout, with a 5-point lead after one, and  an 11-point lead at the half. By the end of Quarter-3 they had taken complete control, and the final score (65-40) proves it.

With only limited action in the first half, Stuart Sandall led the boys with 16, along with Robert Smith’s 16.

Jonah Holiday had 13-points of his own, and Gabe Gomez came through with 9-points.

The work for the Sand Devils’ girls and guys in the 3-A North Regional Basketball Tournament, isn’t over. Saturday night both Page teams will participate in the tournament’s championship games!

5:30 PM Saturday Page and Ganado fight for the girls’ championship.

7:30 PM the boys of Page will fight Chinle for the boys’ championship.

Lake Powell Communications will have the games ‘live’ on-the-air, if you can’t make it to Chinle High School.


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