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9/27 City Council Meeting

9/27 City Council Meeting
September 28
07:57 2017

(L-R) Vice Mayor John Kocjan, Councilor Dennis Warner, Councilor Korey Seyler, Councilor Mike Bryan, Mayor Bill Diak, City Clerk Kim Larson, Councilor Levi Tappan

Page City Council had their regular meeting Wednesday evening (9/27), among the topics discussed where new zoning codes and the new lighting ordinance.

The discuss about the lighting ordinance was about reanalyzing if 1500 or 1600 lumens is equivalent to 100 watts was brought up by new council member Darby McNutt, who was at the meeting via phone. McNutt had a prior commitment before being voted onto council.

Councilmen Korey Seyler brought up the point if the city should be exempt from parts of the ordinance or if additional

lighting shields should be implemented.

Seyler also stated that the city should comply within five years, however it raised the question if additional shielding is overkill and would make the streets less safe.

Discussion on the matter will continue in the future.

Councilor Mike Bryan and Mayor Bill Diak, research the new zoning codes

The council met prior to the scheduled meeting to continue their discussion about new zoning codes. Mayor Bill Diak recommended that the council review the new codes section by section.

The council agreed to review the documents in sections and more work sessions will be scheduled, the codes are still a long way away from becoming a reality.

However the council seemed very confident and engaged in making the new codes happen, despite concerns on some of the details.

The council will meet again on October 11th.

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