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9/11 Tribute Presented With Song, Love and Patriotism

9/11 Tribute Presented With Song, Love and Patriotism
September 13
15:56 2017



9/11 was a time for remembrance across the nation, and in Page, too, on Monday.

There was a good turnout at Page City Park in the afternoon and early evening and everyone remembered the sad day 16-years earlier and how it correlates to our lives today.

City Council member Mike Bryan told the gathering that his day of service began by helping some foreigners pump gas, simply because they needed help and he was there.

“How much effort does it take to help somebody,” asked Bryan.

Earlier a Navajo man named Joseph wowed the crowd with his Native American hoop dance ability. Children and adults alike were blown away by his performance. Joseph is apparently one of the top-10 hoop dancers in the nation.

Mayor Bill Diak spoke. He said 9/11 changed the world.

“We lost what we feel was our security,” he said.

He said he hopes that with the efforts put forth this year it will make 9/11 an even bigger event in Page in the future.

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