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O’Halleran Releases 2021 Annual Report to Constituents

O’Halleran Releases 2021 Annual Report to Constituents
January 11
09:21 2022

O’Halleran Releases 2021 Annual Report to Constituents

WASHINGTON— Today, on the first voting day of the second half of the 117th Congress, Representative Tom O’Halleran (AZ-01) released his Annual Report to Constituents, a look back at work accomplished during 2021.
View the report HERE

Tom O’Halleran


“Reflecting on 2021, I’m reminded of how far we’ve come,” said O’Halleran. “We have free, effective vaccines that have enabled us to gather safely with our loved ones again. We’re investing in our infrastructure, creating new, good-paying jobs that support a family, and have begun to bounce back from a long stretch of darkness, together, as one nation.
“In 2021, Congress came together to pass a bipartisan infrastructure deal—a package of long-overdue investments—targeting American roads, broadband expansion, electric grids, water systems, and more. The programs within this new law will create two million good-paying American jobs per year for the next decade and work to combat climate change in the process. I worked with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to ensure this bill invests in rural and tribal communities, not just big cities. 
“This year, like in years past, I’ve introduced and voted for legislation to honor our vets, ensure access to high quality, affordable health care, invest in our kids’ education, and secure concrete wins for long-overlooked rural and tribal communities, like expanding access to high-speed internet.
“I was humbled to spend 2021 working to serve Arizonans, and, as we enter a new year, I am committed to continued communication with First District families, stakeholders, local leadership, and tribal governments. Addressing the real issues that affect hardworking Arizonans continues to be my top priority.”
Over the course of 2021, Mr. O’Halleran:

  • closed 488 casework cases on behalf of constituents;
  • saved Arizonans $2,204,983.19 in owed benefits and pay from federal agencies to date;
  • held 224 meetings with organizations, communities, local governments, businesses, tribal communities, families, and individuals across Arizona and in Washington, D.C.;
  • traveled 4,917 miles across the First District for official business;
  • held 7 town halls;
    • including 3 in-person town halls; and
    • 5 tele-town halls
  • participated in 3 town halls held by organizations or tribes in the First District;
  • attended 48 committee hearings;
  • introduced 28 bills, 21 of which were bipartisan;
  • saw 3 O’Halleran-led bills passed by the House of Representatives;
  • cosponsored 275 bills and resolutions, 85.5% of which were bipartisan; and
  • sent 70,114 response letters and emails to constituents;
O’Halleran Releases 2021 Annual Report to Constituents - overview

Summary: O’Halleran Releases 2021 Annual Report to Constituents


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