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4-H Club More Than Farm Animal Program

4-H Club More Than Farm Animal Program
April 12
09:39 2019

For those who have been a part of 4-H know the green in the logo represents life, growth, and youth. The white symbolizes purity and high ideals. The  4-H Pledge: to pledge your HEAD to clearer thinking, your HEART to greater loyalty, your HANDS to larger service, and your HEALTH to better living, for club, community, country, and the world.

Not just a program for children to learn about the life cycle of farm animals but also to gain other skills, a journey for children that typically begins at the beginning of each year: (click audio below)

That’s Mayor Levi Tappan who tells Lake Powell Life News his 4-H experiences have helped shaped who he is today: (click audio below)

For more information about 4-H in Coconino County click here.





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