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Summer Jobs Available for Native Youth

Summer Jobs Available for Native Youth
May 31
11:45 2016

The Southwest Conservation Corps is seeking Navajo youth for a summer work experience.

The young workers can also earn an AmeriCorps Education for taking part in the SCC’s Ancestral Lands program.

Native Americans between the ages of 18-30 are eligible to join either the graphic information system mapping or chainsaw crews. The goal is for work crews to carry out conservation projects for the betterment of the land and promote personal and professional development.

“We offer all of the training for it,” SCC Coordinator Andrea Stanley said.

The GIS crews will learn to identify and map invasive plant species and relaying that information to the chainsaw crews.

The chainsaw crews will remove tamarisk and Russian Olive trees. The youth members of the chainsaw crew will also earn S-212 Wildland Fire Chainsaw Certificates.

The Ancestral Lands program works primarily with native communities and traditional language and culture are part of crew life, according to Chako Ciocco, the program’s coordinator. Their goal is to promote traditional ecological knowledge and help youth revitalize indigenous plant life.

Youth that take part in the program not only earn weekly income, but are also eligible to receive some funding from AmeriCorps for higher education.

“Once they complete the program, they receive an AmeriCorps Education Award,” Stanley said.

Chainsaw crews begin work in June.

Youth between the ages of 18-30 can apply for the program online at

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