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Snowpack Looking Good! (so far)

Snowpack Looking Good! (so far)
January 17
11:29 2017

This is the time of year when we look toward the mountains of Colorado in order to get an idea of what Lake Powell’s water level will be in the coming year. And right now the snowpack indicators are very good, according to Marlin Duke, who Bur of Rec LOGOis with the Upper Colorado Region for the Bureau of Reclamation.

“So far we’re pretty excited about the way the hydrology has worked-out for the year,” said Duke. “We had a little bit of a slow start in the early months in the fall, but it has really picked-up through the end of December, and then the first week and a half of January.”

He says there continues to be a lot of moisture coming over the mountains and it’s dropping a lot of snow.

“So right now the current snowpack above Lake Powell is at about 166 % of average,” said Duke. “So things are looking real good. We just hope the moisture continues through the next few months of our snowfall season.”

Last year at this time we had a pretty good winter going, moisture-wise, Duke told us. But then as the new year (2016) got going, the moisture failed to continue and it got pretty dry.

“We’re optimistic, but there are so many variables when you’re talking about hydrology and weather,” he added. “If you watch weather forecasts, it’s really hard to say just a few days out with any assurance of what’s going to happen.”

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