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Senator Begay Visits Navajo Generating Station

September 17
21:05 2013
Arizona State Senator Carlyle Begay

Arizona State Senator Carlyle Begay

Arizona State Senator Carlyle Begay was in Page Monday to visit the Navajo Generating Station in the afternoon and meet with Salt River Project and some of the stakeholders. He was also scheduled to meet with Mayor Bill Diak.  Senator Begay also made time in his schedule for a stop at the KXAZ & KPGE studios for an interview on the Lake Powell Middays Program,

I grew up near Black Mesa, so I grew up on the Navajo Nation; I was born and raised here locally. I had a number of family members who live fairly close to Page, so it was a regular stop for us. Obviously, being a Navajo, our border towns become very important to us when we need goods and groceries, so I remember coming to Page quite often…and a lot of good memories.”

Begay, the Vice President for Business Development at American Indian Health & Management Policy was recently appointed to finish the Arizona Senate term started in January by Jack Jackson.  Jackson resigned a couple of months ago to work in Washington D.C. as the first-ever liaison to Native American tribes on environmental issues.

Senator Begay represents Arizona’s Legislative District 7, the largest district. District 7 is nearly 67 percent Native American and includes eight tribes. Regarding goals for his new appointment, Senator Begay says,

“The biggest priority, and this would be a big push for me over the next year and a half, is to build really greater relationships, and cooperation, and collaboration with the cities, counties, towns, and tribes across the district with the state legislature.”

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