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Massive Wild Horse Roundup Begins in Utah

Massive Wild Horse Roundup Begins in Utah
January 11
11:32 2017

The Bureau of Land Management has begun rounding up 1,500 wild horses in southern Utah, the most in years.

Helicopter-assisted wranglers will be assisting in the roundup while also  gelding some studs in an effort to impose fertility controls. The animals will be gathered from three herds in the West Desert, starting with the 150 roaming the Frisco Herd Management Area outside Milford.

During the roundup, which began on Saturday, 100 horses will be fitted with GPS tracking devices and returned to the herd for the sake of research.

The BLM has spent millions of dollars warehousing 45,000 horses previously rounded up; a practice many have called unproductive and overly expensive.

Rural county commissioners and ranchers still complain that open-range horse populations are out of control. They say cattle are being displaced and the range is being damaged.

Although the BLM acknowledged that the current system is unsustainable, no solutions seem to be on the horizon. An advisory panel last year suggested killing the captive horses but that was met with extreme public backlash. The BLM has vowed slaughtering of the animals is not an option.

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