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Keeping an Eye on Lake Levels

Keeping an Eye on Lake Levels
April 27
15:08 2016

In Glenwood Springs, Colorado the Colorado River District is spending more than fifty thousand dollars on a study about Lake Powell water levels.

The study is aimed at determining how likely it is that the water level on the lake will drop to such a low that the hydroelectric works at Glen Canyon Dam would be effected. In addition, those conducting the study need to know how such a drop in the level would subsequently affect entities below the dam, including Lake Mead.

Reports indicate that the Lake Powell level must stay above 3525-feet. Currently it stands at 3291-feet. At the beginning of the new century the water level was 94 percent full. Today it’s at less than 50 percent.

Downstream, if things do not improve there will be more significant water cuts for Arizona and Nevada unless the rains come and the drought ends. Water officials from those two states and California have been meeting regularly to discuss the situation.

There’s a report that indicates that if things don’t improve on Lake Mead, the federal government, specifically the Department of the Interior, would begin overseeing the distribution of water. Lake Mead’s levels need to stay above1025-feet in order to avoid more problems and having the Interior department step-in. It’s currently at 1136-feet.

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