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Deschene Candidacy Still Up in the Air

October 07
08:42 2014

Navajo LOGOThere will be “no comment” from the parties involved, but yesterday Navajo Nation Presidential candidate, Chris Deschene, had to give a deposition, and he had to answer all questions in the Navajo tongue. It’s all part of what is turning out to be a long process in determining whether Mr. Deschene is qualified to be President of the Navajo Nation.

Evidently, in order to hold the position of President, one has to speak Navajo fluently. Deschene admittedly does not speak it fluently, but feels he is familiar enough with the language and promises to become fluent by the end of his first term. He feels the issues are what is important. While those who are fighting his candidacy think otherwise.

A gag order has reportedly been declared by the chief hearing officer, Richie Nez. On Thursday the Office of Hearings and Appeals, a part of the Navajo judicial system, will hold an evidentiary hearing, which should bring an answer to the question of whether Chris Deschene should be on the ballot.

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